Aluminium Flyscreens, Re-Meshing Service & Sliding Screen Doors

Avalon flyscreen service offers quality flyscreens at very reasonable prices. Our business trades on its reputation and is held in the highest regard.


Aluminium framed flyscreens are available for almost any situation in fixed, hinged or sliding styles.

We offer 2 frame sizes (9mm and 11mm), in 14 colours.

These colours include: apo grey, birch, black, bronze, brown, claret, doeskin, hawthorn green, magnolia, pebble, primrose, silver, stone beige and white.

Frames can be braced for extra stability over large areas. In addition we offer window grilles for situations where security is of upmost importance. For your existing flyscreens and doors we offer a re-meshing service.

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Alternatively by measuring and installing yourself we can manufacture to your specifications.

There are quite a few optional extras which can improve the looks, life and strength of your door.