Best Plantation Shutters in Sydney 


Our shutters are elegant, timeless, and known for their quality and finish. They are created to last  a lifetime, easy to install and suitable for almost any window.  

We create premium quality shutters to bring the desired look into your home. You can achieve the perfect look with our timber collection. Our timber shutters are custom designed to suit every  interior design. They are crafted from Western Red Cedar, Premium Basswood, and Paulownia.  Using sustainable and strong timber that allows us to create shutters in almost any desired shape.  Our timber collection provides you with a wide range of colours, styles, and design options,  allowing you to bring the perfect look into any area. We are Australian Owned and are driven by  craftsmanship, quality, innovation, and expertise.

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Plantation Shutters in Sydney - What are They? 

Plantation shutters are wooden window coverings that consist of a frame and horizontal blades.  These blades sit inside the frame and are able to be fully adjusted to suit the requirements of yourroom. 

The main characteristic that sets plantation shutters apart from other blind options is their wide  louvres. The louvred construction of plantation timber allows sunlight and ventilation throughthe structure. Plantation shutters allow you to open and adjust the panel depending on how much  sunlight or air you want inside the home. Using them helps keep indoor moisture at optimal  levels.  

Online Plantation Shutters at Avalon Screens 

Our Timber shutters are always created from premium materials and are known for their smooth  silky finish. Installers choose our Timber shutters as the best on the market when it comes to  overall quality, paint, and finish. The Timber collection is available in many different colours, 

from traditional white to modern black. All our paints are water based, UV resistant, low in  VOC’s and environmentally friendly. Our shutters are therefore the first choice for your home. 

The wide range of colours, frames, design options, and our exclusive paint finish allows you to  combine styles and bring a traditional, contemporary, or modern look into any space. Design  flexibility, quality, and finish make our shutters the first choice for homeowners, interior  designers, and architects. Plantation shutters are ideal for Sydney homes as they offer the best  insulation during summer and winter.  

Don’t just search "plantation shutters near me", please call us to receive expert personalised  advice and service. 

Aluminium Shutters in Sydney 

Designed to withstand the extreme heat and cold of Australia's ever-changing weather  conditions, our aluminium shutters are perfect for every household in Sydney. Our aluminium  shutters are made from high-quality extruded aluminium, painted with an automotive finish to  offer you a lasting appearance. Our exclusive collection of aluminium shutters unites design and  accessibility for your exterior requirements. Best for wind protection and privacy in balcony  areas.  

Also, check our extensive collection of plantation shutters for sliding glass doors. Call Avalon  Screens today on 02 9918 4897 to arrange an on-site meeting with one of our experts and obtain  a quote.

Common FAQs 

1. How Much Do Plantation Shutters Cost Sydney? 

- The cost of plantation shutters in Sydney depends on the type of material you choose.  They range from $300 - $700 per square metre in a range of materials - from PVC to  plantation timbers and aluminium.  

2. How Much Should I Pay for Plantation Shutters? 

- Firstly the most suitable material should be chosen for the purpose of the window  furnishing. PVC is durable and suitable for wet areas, timber is best for wide width 

windows and good insulation, and aluminium is best suited externally. Then whether it is  short or long term investment also determines the cost suitability. 

3. What Is The Difference Between Shutters and Plantation Shutters? 

● Traditional shutters are plantation shutters made from timber in various blade widths.● Shutters are the same as plantation shutters but are made in PVC or aluminium and have  fewer blade width choices.  

4. Do Plantation Shutters Add Value to a Home? 

- All shutters are one of the best investments to increase the visual appearance and overall  aesthetic curb appeal.  

5. Do I need Curtains with Shutters? 

- It is not necessary to use curtains with plantation shutters, as they provide adequate  functionality for the window.


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