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With an impressive range of styles, colours and fabrics, we have a blind to suit any window.

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Roller Shutters Sydney: Improve Your Home Aesthetic

Roller blinds are an ideal solution for improving your home aesthetic while managing the Sydney heat. Unlike traditional curtains, they are convenient, lightweight, and easy to use.

At Avalon Screens, we provide a wide range of fabrics, textures, and colours unlike any other in the country. Contact us today to get your indoor blinds custom-fitted straight from our local factory.

Our Indoor Roller Blinds

Not sure what kind of blinds you need? Here are the different types we stock.

Blockout Blinds

Our blockout blinds do an excellent job of keeping cool air in and hot air out. They provide maximum darkness in rooms that need it and also offer supreme UV protection.

These blinds are easy to install and require very little maintenance. In the long run, they can even cut your energy costs by preventing thermal energy loss.

Double Blinds

If you want the best of both worlds, our double blinds combine blockout and sunscreen fabric layers. You can leave your blockout blinds up to let natural light in and be private by day and then pull them down when you need privacy at night.

Our double blinds are easy to clean, come in many different style options, and are flame retardant.

Why Choose Our Roller Blinds?

Blinds in Sydney are a popular home improvement tool – so what makes ours unique? Here are just a few reasons you should shop for blinds with Avalon Screens.

Easy To Install

Unlike other bulkier blinds, our roller blinds are easy to install – or we can even install them for you. They also provide ultimate convenience, as you can power them using a wireless remote, or connect them to an app on your phone.

Versatile & Visually Pleasing

Our roller blinds don’t just serve one purpose. They provide maximum benefits by equipping your home with total privacy, soft light filter, UV protection, and energy savings. Plus, they are available in dozens of different fabrics and textures, giving you complete control over the ultimate function & look.


Want to cut down on your energy bills? You can reduce energy usage by controlling how much light enters your home with our blockout blinds. They can keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Quiet To Use

Our motorised blinds are totally discreet. With the click of a button, you can roll your blinds up or down without disturbing the ambience of your home. These can be hard wired or battery operated for convenience.

The Cost Of Roller Blinds Online

The cost of your blinds will depend on the type of fabric. We offer competitive prices on all weights of fabric, and warrant the fabric for piece of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Indoor Blinds

What are the best quality roller blinds?

Our vast array of fabrics for blinds, along with choices in chain, base rail & bracket system allows a finish which is custom crafted in our local factory. There are many quality choices to suit your décor & aesthetic.

What roller blinds are the cheapest?

Standard, plain roller blinds are the cheapest, however come in many colours to suit your requirements.

How much can you save with blockout blinds?

With our energy-efficient blockout blinds, you can reduce your annual energy bill by as much as 20%!

Enhance Your Home With Avalon Blinds Today!

If you value convenience, aesthetics, and energy efficiency, shop the best roller blinds in Sydney with Avalon Screens! Give us a call to get a free quote on your installation project.



Rachelle is lovely to deal with and very helpful, in sales and follow up service

- Dilys Graham

We got two new fly screens made. They came and quoted at our convenience, then came and installed them. Staff were lovely, would purchase from them again.

- Rachel Macdonald

I did all the flyscreens of my flat with them. They went for a real life quote based on actual measures and came back to do rhe job just right when scheduled. I will get to them again for blinds.

- Isis D

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